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JUSDA is the global leader in integrating Component to Manufacture to Consumer (C2M2C) solutions. We leverage our 17 years of experience to help enterprises transform and upgrade their supply chains by applying our innovative business model that covers the flow of trade, goods, information, capital, technology and processes. The premiere supply chain management platform for Foxconn Technology Group, JUSDA is committed to driving professionalism and growth through the application of advanced technology and research and development.

JUSDA has 60 logistics centers around the world, covering 2 million square meters of warehouse space. Furthermore, we operate over 100 cross-border transportation centers and 1,000+ multi-model transportation routes.

We closely manage transportation services for over 3000 world-renowned brands and more than 100 manufacturing business units of Foxconn. Today, JUSDA is well-recognized as a leading logistics service provider in the manufacturing field. In addition to providing general supply chain management services, we help clients maximize their business values by offering a one-stop supply chain platform for e-commerce and cross border e-commerce. This allows for better integration of domestic and international supply chain resources with easier access to distribution networks globally.


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